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 Up coming events:

To Be Determined

We carry the armies and paint supplies you need to get started! We have full game sets that you can play with a friend or build your own custom army to defeat your enemies! 

Table Top Gaming in the backroom!

The dates and times are TBD and will be posted on our social media via Facebook, instagram, and twitter for our followers

We will also hold board game nights where we will play games such as Cards Against Humanity, Flux, Munchkin, Sushi Go, etc....

    We have created a relaxed atmosphere for our gamers to get lost in! Come make new friends and use the tables for table top games such as Warhammer, Hordes, etc. 
     If there is no one to challenge, feel free to bring your paints and unfinished models to use the painting station to finish your collection and prepare them for battle!