"Awesome. It was a great place wonderful pieces nice people new fav spot."

            -Daniel's review via Facebook


"This place is by far the best I've seen here.... The prices are way better than the place I used to go to . The selection is way better. The customer service is on point. Just bought a new piece a few days ago and I'm loving it. Found myself a new favorite place to shop!"

                   -Joshua's review via Facebook

5 Stars

My first visit to this shop was superb!  The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable.  Very helpful and provided excellent customer service.


-Cedric S. via Yelp Reviews


Awesome people great experience and great prices thank you!!"

                       -Jason's review via Google Reviews


"Jameel is really cool!!! He has been there both times I've dropped by...Prices are a hell of a lot better than (other shops) and it smells super clean all the time!!! Plus I like how friendly it is... Not a bunch of people just standing around talking and acting like you're a nuisance for asking questions!!!"

                                 -David's review via Facebook


"Awesome little store. I just moved here from Mass and went by to get a detox and they were exceptionally helpful and friendly. Will def be going back."

                            -Will's review via Yelp Reviews


"Will be my first stop every time for something new"

              -Joshua's review via Facebook


"It's like a kid in a candy store! I love it...Love the staff...Everything is affordable...Top Favorite Smoke Shop"


-Crystal's review via Facebook


"This place is SOOOOOO AWESOME!!!!! It's by far the best I've seen and they have the lowest prices I've come across. The owners are super cool and they really know how to make you feel comfortable. For being a little store they have really cool, unique pieces that I haven't seen anywhere else before and they have a lot more variety. My friends and I spent like 3 hours just checking everything out and talking with Jackie. Definitely my new favorite spot. Just bought a new piece and I'm loving it. Highly Recommend that everyone come check this place out!"

                                        -Kit Kat's review via Google Reviews

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About Us

Mellow Monkey is one of San Antonio's newest smoke shops! We are family owned and are dedicated to our customers and all of their smoking needs. If you do not see what you are looking for, just let us know as we will be happy to look into carrying the product that you require! We have created a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for you to enjoy so feel free to chill and take your time to look at everything!

Mellow Monkey

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"Manager is awesome, best shop prices I've seen by far, will guarantee to leave with your money's worth"

                     -Denitra's review via Facebook